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We designed Slingshot to catapult your ideas and concepts to reality. We are the first local, founder-owned and run platform that connects Guyanese entrepreneurs, organizations and co-operatives with the wider Guyanese Diaspora and the World. We only succeed if you succeed.

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A vibrant and sustainable local economy driven by micro, small and medium enterprises
To facilitate the sustainable development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Guyana.
Chetwynd R.F. Bowling
One of the bedrocks of sustained local development and economic vitality is thriving micro, small and medium size enterprise. They create jobs, new products and services. A bit of support goes a long way.
Chetwynd R.F. Bowling, Director Read more >>>
Candice Ramessar
We firmly believe that if given the right tools and support that our local creative minds and budding entrepreneurs, especially youth and women in business, can contribute so much more to society.
Candice Ramessar, Director Read more >>>
Good Ideas, projects and business concepts are hard to come by and for those of you who managed to get the ball rolling, let’s keep the momentum going! A Slingshot project is more than just another project. It’s a opportunity to impact lives and add value to our region.
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Candice Ramessar
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Nkasse Evans
Project Coordinator
+592 621 1235
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