We know that you are eager to get started, but before you do, here is what you should know about Slingshot.

Have an idea? SLINGSHOT is for you!

We welcome all projects: from green projects to film, theater, technology, art and craft, agriculture, you name it. We are currently only running non-profits, community organizations and groups

Funders are just as enthusiastic as creators!

There is no greater feeling than supporting someone or a campaign that means something to you. Small tokens and rewards go a long way. So if you’re project is about creating cool and new craft from balata for example, maybe your backers can have a sample of your creation as reward or token of appreciation. It’s more about being a part of something that makes a difference or adds value than just financial returns.

Creators decide what rewards they will offer benefactors for their support. We recommend rewards vary depending level of support.

Go all the way or go back to the drawing board…

In order to safeguard creators and innovators from being stuck “between a rock and a hard place”, i.e., with only half or a fraction of the funding they require for a project and project supporters expecting full results, we do all or nothing funding. Look at it this way, funders may be more likely to support your project if they know they will get their money back if the project is not fully funded.

A defined funding timeline and goal is necessary for every project, i.e., how much funding is needed.

The SLINGSHOT Team is here for you.

We know that there are many of you out there that have great ideas and interesting and innovative products that you want the world to see. However, you may be having trouble putting your thoughts into colorful words that express your enthusiasm and conviction. No problem! We will help you find the right words and get your ideas across to potential funders.

+Do I have to pay? What is the catch?

As a project creator, there are no direct or upfront costs to bringing your project online. SLINGSHOT collects a 5% fee from successfully funded projects. We only succeed if you do.

Contributions on SLINGSHOT are collected and processed by a payment partner. Payment processing fees are around 3-5%. Please note that as a creator you never give up any ownership or rights to your work.

+What can I use SLINGSHOT to fund?

Anything! Ok, anything legal that is. In some Caribbean countries, where marihuana and its byproducts have been legalized, you can fund a project of that nature too. Nevertheless, let’s establish a few boundaries here. Please contact us if your are in doubt.

+Am I eligible? Where is SLINGSHOT available?

If you are a Caribbean national, then you are set! The best part, anyone anywhere can be a funder! You must be at least 18 years of age to register on SLINGSHOT and create a project. If you are younger, then you must have adult supervision.

+Do you screen projects?

The only screening we do is for adequacy in terms of appropriateness and to ensure projects meet our rules. Otherwise, the answer is no. Whether or not we think a project will succeed is not important. We won’t reject a project because a team member thinks sugar cane juice is too sweet.

+Where does the support and money come from?

From everywhere! As long as the funder has a debit or credit card, they can support. The best place to start from of course is at home. Support from friends and family to get the ball rolling. They can help spread the word – good well-communicated ideas are contagious.

+What happens if I get funded?

Congratulations! Let’s get started on your project.

Funds raised will be transferred to you and the ball is now in your court.

It is important that you share the progress of your work as you go along. Our team will assist you to keep on track and monitor progress. Even if there is no progress or changes in your work plan, it’s still important to make updates. It will be appreciated.

+Not sure that I can run a project… How much work is it to run a project?

First of all, IT’S WORTH IT! There will be good moments and exhausting moments and frustrating moments. If being successful were easy then everyone would be.

The amount of work would generally depend on how many moving parts there are or in other words, how complex and how big or small a project is. The first few days may be frustrating since getting people excited about a project may take some time… or it can happen of the bat! So it’s important to start campaigning a.s.a.p. and answer questions promptly as they arise.

Bringing a project to life is very rewarding and usually funders are as excited about a project as the creator is. So show enthusiasm and keep at it.

+What happens if I don’t get funded?

First, don’t be too hard on yourself. Use it as a learning experience and use lessons learned from the first go and have a go at it again. That’s right! Creators are welcome and encouraged to relaunch their campaign on SLINGSHOT.

Look at the positives. Creators will get useful feedback and meet people interested in their project that can help garner even more momentum for round two on SLINGSHOT.

+Should I make a video? Pictures?

We highly recommend you do. This adds soul and compassion to your project(s). Tell your story, sell your project and get funded.

Our team can assist you to put together material for your project proposal (available only in Guyana for now). Remember, we only succeed if you do.

+How to make my project a SLINGSHOT Favourite?

It’s all about your story, dedication and how well you provide feedback to funders. We keep an eye out for project owners that do a brilliant job at executing their projects and that use funding effectively. Being a Slingshot favourite keeps you on funders’ radars and makes it easier to secure funding for future ideas you may have.

+Why should I use SLINGSHOT and not another crowd funder?

SLINGSHOT is designed for developing economies. Unlike other crowd funding platforms that put the entire weight on your shoulders in terms of project development, we help you from the ground up – project proposal development, project designs (videos and pictures), getting the word out and even post funding business (project) support services. Let’s get you funded!

+I still have more questions. How do I get in touch?

The team is always here for you if you have questions. Contact us

Now that you have a better idea of how we work and what we do, lets get you started shall we!

Creating and having your project on SLINGSHOT is very simple
  • 1. Create an account
  • 2. Build your project
  • 3. Launch it
  • 4. Track your progress and funding
  • 5. Funding goal achieved!
Create an account Build your project Launch it Track your progress and funding Funding goal achieved!

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