by Evie Kanhai
Guyana, Demerara-Mahaica
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Lets resuscitate our farming Communities!




We aim to develop a competitive agro-processing company based on fair trade and combatting poverty in source supply farming communities. We want to focus on renewable instead of extractive industries that will enrich our soil and promote a green and healthy environment. We seek to create opportunities for farmers by introducing new agricultural products and cultivation techniques as well as offering processing, packaging and strategic marketing and distribution of produce. Additionally, we will connect farmers with local and global opportunities for trade and export, training initiatives that will educate them in new innovations, products and services through a commodity trading platform.

GuyGROW aims to create a new standard of conducting sustainable business at a global level  in Guyana that will see more exports of processed and packaged agricultural goods, less imports of everyday staples, the introduction of new farming techniques and products as well as creating markets and employment for Guyana’s farmers and their communities






We truly believe that diversification in our products, especially those already grown, and new introductions with the potential to provide raw materials, that are used in every industry is the way forward to create value in the farming industry.

Guyana once had the reputation of being “the bread basket of the Caribbean”, however, due to a lack of crop development and diversification, the high cost of processing and packaging, as well as nonexistence of global markets, other Caribbean countries have stolen the baton from us. Regional and Domestic food security is still a high priority for CARICOM and Guyana is still very much depended on to lead the way in the agriculture sector.

At GuyGROW we are focused on food and green industry products with excellent sources of minerals and vitamins, those that do not cause allergic reactions and that are low in fat and appeal to a growing market of persons on vegan and gluten free diets and allergies to chemically processed commodities.

These consumer items are relevant to our local market and the high end export market because Guyana’s farming efforts can appeal to many cultures and cuisines and enterprises. There is a growing demand for healthy, sustainable and organic options and the task is ours to not only build an industry but a culture that can see Guyana being the “Bread Basket of the World”

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We intend to engage farmers to grow appealing crops that can be processed and easily distributed and consumed on the domestic, regional and international markets. From purposeful cultivation we can link micro and small scale farming to markets.


Process and Package

Agro-processing is a pertinent part of creating an agricultural value chain. It creates employment,  promotes inclusive growth (everyone benefits) and it reduces wastage of harvested produce. Being able to add the benefit of well designed, product specific, durable packaging, ensures an end user clientele and builds Guyana’s capacity for reducing imports of processed food that could be developed locally.

Create Markets

Green-Consumerism is a growing trend. With more and more consumers having allergies and food sensitivities, as well as the healthy and conscious movement for ready-to-consume food, it is imperative that Guyana takes advantage by appealing to the consumer in rapidly urbanizing countries and a rising middle class. By regulating and regularizing those micro and small scale farmers the disadvantage of operating at an informal level will be eliminated and a standard will be available across the board to comply with domestic, regional and international markets.



“The innovation imperative—a focus on continuously strengthening every economy’s capacity to create new products, processes and techniques—” must be at the center of the agenda, and focusing on innovation becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.





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Dear Supporters – due to the lack of online merchant services in Guyana we are using the personal pay pal account of one of the Directors as a temporary solution.
Dear Supporters – due to the lack of online merchant services in Guyana we are using the personal pay pal account of one of the Directors as a temporary solution.