by Dwayne Grovesnor
Guyana, Upper Demerara-Berbice
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What is Penumbra?

Penumbra comes from Latin paene 'almost' and umbra 'shadow'. So in essence, penumbra means partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object, that opaque object in this case is our amazing shade sails.

Penumbra shades are a fully customizable extension of your home.Penumbra Shades allow you to cover your entertainment areas, cars, pool or playground and help to shield them from the sun’s harmful UV rays which can damage you, your family and your assets. Having a Penumbra shade installed on the grounds of your home can give you peace of mind know that your protected while you and your family enjoy your outdoor lifestyle. Shade sails and sun shades are a cost effective shading solution for any home or business.

Penumbra  Style Our Signature Solar Roller Shades are perfect for preserving a view, reducing glare and incoming heat, and protecting furnishings and floors from damaging UV rays. Their designer-inspired looks add panache to any room, while shielding windows from direct sunlight at certain times of the day.

Penumbras' aim is not only to beautify Guyana with a long standing product of worth and substance that would not only add colour and versatility to its environment but we hope to work with the Guyana Cancer Society Schools playgrounds and other NGO's that do health and skin care to help bring awareness to how the product can benefit citizens of Guyana against the harmful rays of the sun.

Products and Opportunities

The reason why Penumbra was chosen for Guyana is that we saw it fitting and timely for durability, stability and family oriented business to be introduced to Guyana given fact the market is flooded with sub-par products we wanted to offer a unique product to the people. Shades sails are so unique in its domain that it gives longevity up to 5 years and more and we believe that people should get what they pay for. Products that can stand the test of time. As of to date the business carries two products our roller blinds which we have been successful to date in promoting. We've done work for a few businesses and citizens of Guyana. 




Shade Sails provide extensive protection from the sun’s harmful rays. UV rays from the sun can be extremely detrimental when they penetrate the skin and can even lead to skin cancer. Sun damaged skin is a common occurrence in the bright outdoors. However, with shade sails, owners can lounge in the breezes which the shade provides. They also allow for moisture to come through while blocking out over 80% of the UV rays. Shade sails are extremely cost effective. This is probably one of the biggest advantages for most people being that they are not only affordable, but they are durable and safe as well.


Shade sails are very versatile as they are easy to install and can be attached to trees, businesses, homes or they can even be freestanding. It is important to note that if they are used in an open area, they will need to be well secured with steel columns in concrete or wooden posts. The great thing about shade sails is that they can be left up all year long or you can decide to only use them just seasonally.

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Dear Supporters – due to the lack of online merchant services in Guyana we are using the personal pay pal account of one of the Directors as a temporary solution.
Dear Supporters – due to the lack of online merchant services in Guyana we are using the personal pay pal account of one of the Directors as a temporary solution.